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AHA Facial Scrub - Honoring the Sacral Plexus Chakra

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The sacral plexus chakra is vital because it is the energy field where we get in touch with our creative intuitions and emotions. This second chakra is found right above the root chakra, and just like its first counterpart, it is physical in nature. Its color is orange and it is located just below the navel. Margarita Alcantara states in her work, Chakra Healing, that in addition to experiencing heightened creativity when this area is in harmony, we also "feel at peace with our abundance" and "have a healthy relationship with money" (24). Have you ever experienced a time when your relationships with others were thriving, creativity and projects came easily to you, and you were doing well financially? This meant that your sacral plexus was in harmony.

Unfortunately, this is not always the case. When this chakra is in a state of dysfunction, we may have difficulty finding joy and pleasure, communicating with others, and conflicts involving finances may induce a poverty mindset. If you find that your sacral plexus chakra needs some extra love and attention, incorporating essential oils into your daily routine is one strategy that has proven useful. Essential oils work quite well on their own- but why not also include them in the skincare products you use regularly, such as in this DIY scrub?

Two essential oils that are an ideal combination in invigorating the chakral plexus chakra are lemon and Ylang-ylang. The latter works to decrease depression and anxiety, while helping the skin to produce more of its natural oils. Lemon will help to increase your energy, and coupled with the Ylang-ylang, will also lessen feelings of nervousness and anxiousness. Note: other essential oils that Alcantara suggests will improve the sacral plexus chakra include patchouli, rosewood, and sandalwood (25).

To give this scrub its orangish color, I've included the juice and skin of a mandarin orange. But this ingredient does more than just add color, it also helps in providing the alpha-hydroxy acid that makes this scrub so effective. Exfoliating with acid is one of the best methods in sloughing off dead skin cells, revealing your freshest skin possible, and amazingly enough, we can do this straight from our own kitchens. If you don't have a mandarin orange on hand, a regular ol' orange or lemon will do just fine.

Organic white sugar is added to do the hard work. It manually releases the proteins that keep our older, dry skin “glued” to the surface. Instead of coconut oil, I decided to implement one of my favorite cooking oils: organic, extra-virgin olive oil. The thought of incorporating the oil I usually use to cook my veggies in was a bit disconcerting at first, but when I learned that my favorite beauty guru, Michelle Phan, used this oil straight from the bottle to remove her make-up, I thought I'd give it a try. After all, we cook with coconut oil on occasion, so what's the difference?

Well, one difference is that coconut oil becomes solid at 76 degrees Fahrenheit (there’s a science lesson for you!) so depending on the temperature at which you store it, coconut oil will often have a more crystalized consistency. Olive oil, on the other hand, will remain in its liquid form. The most important thing though? When applied to the skin, olive oil is excellent in softening and soothing. I love to use this as a body scrub, but it is gentle enough on the delicate, facial skin. Apply it on your legs prior to shaving to reveal your smoothest, softest gams ever, or use it prior to moisturizing.

When all the ingredients are good and combined, take time to enjoy this fragranced scrub. It's my hope that it will help spark a light or creativity and the sense of love and light that comes from connecting emotionally with others.


1 mandarin orange- peel and juice


Combine the olive oil and sugar. Using a box grater, grate the peel of the mandarin orange carefully, as the rind can be bitter. Squeeze in the juice from the orange and add the essential oils. Stir to combine prior to use as the oils may separate from the sugar over time. Keep refrigerated.

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