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DIY Hand Sanitizer

DIY Hand Sanitizer

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After a good yoga session, it's essential to wipe down one's space, ensuring that the mat is clean as well as any supports used, such as blocks or bands. Equally important is washing the hands, particularly given the reminder that staying clean and germ-free is of utmost importance nowadays. A few wipes and a bottle of hand sanitizer will do the trick, but I've found that the store-bought variety of sanitizer is especially drying to the hands. Cracked and flaky skin, albeit clean, is never desirable! The good news is that there's a solution- and a simple one at that! My favorite tried and true ingredients, like aloe vera gel and quality essential oil, combined with a cleaning agent, work wonders in both cleaning and hydrating the skin.

Worthy of note is that hand sanitizer is only effective when the product contains at least 70% alcohol. The thought of incorporating witch hazel crossed my mind, but when I learned that it only contained fourteen percent alcohol, it was clear that something a little more potent should be used. As a result, this recipe includes rubbing alcohol, aloe vera gel for its texture and ability to help soothe the skin, tea tree oil for its additional sanitizing benefits, and lavender for its gentle, calming aroma. Pour this sweet-smelling sanitizer into clean cosmetic bottles, throw them in your gym bag, and you'll be good to go, you savvy yogi!

Side note: these make for excellent stocking stuffers too!

What You’ll Need

1 cup of 70% or 91% isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol)

½ cup of aloe vera gel

10 drops of tea tree oil


Combine the rubbing alcohol and aloe vera gel. To this mixture, add the oils. Keep sealed in a clean, dry bottle until ready to use.

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