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Namaste Room Spray

Namaste Room Spray

for an Enlightened Home Practice

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Gym closures, spa closures, and the shutdown of our favorite yoga spots have put a wrench in the healthy routines we established prior to 2020, the year all of us have been affected in some regard by the pandemic.

But yogis are resilient. They have developed this characteristic through their practice, and every time they departed from a yoga studio, they carried this trait with them in all other areas of their lives. Consider this: how many times have you breathed through a difficult pose, your muscles burning and aching as the seconds seemed to feel like hours? And when your instructor challenged you to go a bit deeper, to sit a little lower, to hold that pose for several more breaths, what did you do? You inhaled. You exhaled. And you went deeper.

This resilience didn't dissipate when our yoga studios closed. We adapted. Perhaps we brought our yoga practice to an outdoor space, practicing in parking lots or wherever else we could roll out our mats. Many of us had no other option but to bring our practice into our own home, and why not? We're accustomed to welcoming our day in a child's pose beside our bed or jumping into a downward-facing dog in our kitchens or living rooms or front lawns. Now that practicing from home may, quite possibly, be our only option, why not make the experience as fruitful and exhilarating as possible?

I love to play with the sense of smell to invigorate my practice at home, and one method I've found to be especially powerful is to infuse my space with a robust, yet calming fragrance. This DIY Namaste Room Spray includes rich, Zen-like essential oils including palo santo, tangerine, and chamomile. Palo santo has been known to alleviate stress, feelings of depression, and anxiety. The essential oil of tangerine imparts an exotic twist. Slightly sweet and slightly tart, this tangy addition complements the palo santo and works further to establish that Zen-filled atmosphere we crave. Next comes the chamomile to pleasantly induce a sense of peace.

Now, you've got your mat, you've got your room spray, and you've got the most important element of all: YOU. You are flexible, you are strong, and you are resilient. No pandemic could ever stop you. Namaste, Friend.

What You’ll Need

2 cups of filtered water


Fill the spray bottle with the water and witch hazel. To this mixture, add the palo santo, tangerine, and chamomile essential oils. Shake well. Spray generously into your aura. Breathe.

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