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Yoga Mat Spray

Yoga Mat Spray

For a truly delightful sensory experience!

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There are many ways to enrich the yoga practice, and one of these methods is to use the five senses actively. The next time you make it to your mat, begin your practice in standing Shavasana or early Shavasana, lying on your back, feet mat's distance apart and palms facing the heavens. Alternatively, place a block under your tailbone and place the feet to touch, knees out wide. Feel the mat beneath you or your feet. Pay attention to the music, the room temperature, and most importantly, what is happening in your body. How does the air feel as it enters the lungs and departs? Notice the temperature of the air during both the inhale and the exhale. Are there any particular areas of the body that feel tight or tender? Breathe deeply into those areas, sending them some love.

Next, focus on the sense of smell. What fragrances permeate the room? Is there some lingering incense you notice from a prior class? Or, perhaps you smell something less pleasant, such as the stench of sweat. If this is the case, why not create your own sensory experience through a yoga mat spray?

This version comes with lavender for a sense of calm and relaxation, cedarwood for the release of tension, and orange for its stress-relieving qualities. This spray will encourage a delightful sense of peace beginning at the very start of your practice all the way to your final resting pose. Focusing on the sense of smell and mindfully inserting some rich aromas will take your practice from a mere workout to an adventure and full-body experience. And conveniently, all it takes is a dollop of time to whip up your own yoga mat spray.


2 cups filtered water


Fill the spray bottle with the water and witch hazel. To this mixture, add the lavender, cedarwood, and orange essential oils. Stir to combine.

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